Remakes happen. We will do whatever we can to make the case perfect for your patient. For whatever reason, the shade doesn’t look the same to the patient or the restoration does not fit in the mouth as it does on the model. Simply return the restoration and let us know what needs to be changed. Many times, we can adjust these items on the current restoration for a quick turn-around. Intra-oral photos and x-rays also help us see any seating issues you may be experiencing with the restoration.

Please note that if the restoration is not returned for an adjustment or if there is a new impression, there will be a new restoration made, which is accompanied by a new invoice.

When it comes down to all of it, the patient’s experience in the dental chair is of utmost importance. However, if margins become “marginal” in practice, it directly affects the ability to fabricate a custom restoration; and in turn affects the patient’s experience.

Here are some tips for capturing that margin in an impression the first time:

  1. Gingival displacement with hemostatic retraction cord.
  2. Check your tray size first and mix your material fully.
  3. Use low body material around the prep to capture the area well.
  4. Center your impression tray and have the patient bite through the putty.
  5. Have the patient create even pressure from all of their teeth.
  6. Keep your tray steady until the material cures.
  7. Be patient; dental impressions take time.
  8. Don’t be shy to re-impress if you are not happy with the first impression.