Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) is historically the standard of strength and esthetics among dental restorations.

PFM to Non-Precious

In choosing the right restoration and materials for your patient’s restorative needs, clients will find the PFM Non-Precious metal option on our fixed prescriptions forms. However, we do not use Non-Precious metals in our restorations so that we can provide a high-quality, long-lasting product for your patients without the headache of bio-incompatibility or corrosion issues. If selected, we will create a PFM with noble metal, at the non-precious rate, for our clients.


PFM to Noble and PFM to High-Noble

For all of the benefits PFMs provide, we offer noble and high-noble metal substructure options for increased biocompatibility for your patients. We apply the latest CAD technology in designing and processing your PFMs.   These restorations are fabricated using a noble or high-noble metal substructure with high quality ceramics that are hand-layered. Our goal is to ensure every PFM case you prescribe consistently exhibits ideal fit, contacts, occlusion, and esthetics that will seat with little to no chair-side adjustment.

Our full cast restorations are the standard for providing long-term durability of posterior crowns.   We have eliminated price variations by extending flat rate pricing to you and your patients in four easy economical solutions:

Noble Metal &
High Noble Metal

Gold High Noble
70% Gold Alloy

Gold Noble
40% Gold Alloy