Keeping up with the changes in technology and the way we provide dentistry, restorative materials have changed significantly as well. With these materials, we have seen new procedures, new preparation guidelines, and new cementation materials. We offer several of these materials such as lithium disilicate, zirconia, and hybrid ceramics.

Other materials that saw a short spike of popularity have gone the way of the dinosaur and no longer come to mind. The reason for this is that dental laboratories, as a norm, fully vet these materials beyond the manufacturer’s clinical studies. This process is necessary to prevent failures and remakes from material defects. We have a proactive role in understanding a material’s science, application, and processing requirements. For materials available at ProSmiles Dental Studio, we can recommend the best material for a particular restoration in addition to function, design, and esthetics.

Statistics show that less than 50% of dentists rely on dental lab technicians to educate and train them on new restorative materials. Most often, the dental lab technician will have answers that manufacturing company representatives won’t.

Misapplication of material or improper handling of these materials will see an increased failure rate over time. We have heard of a few dentists (who have in-office milling units) “saving time” by shortening the crystallization process on lithium disilicate or skipping other steps just to get the crown out faster. As we know if we don’t follow impression material directions, it will lead to failures and remakes; this is a mistake of the same caliber that will lead to restorative failures.

Dental Lab Technicians have skills and training that are not common knowledge with other dental team members. Trained beyond single tooth replacement and principles of occlusion, the dental lab technician is a trusted and valued partner in providing restorative dentistry to patients. Reliance on ProSmiles Dental Studio for support and collaboration is definitely a smart move for dentists and their patients!