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We provide the “full-circle” approach to your patient’s implant needs. With significant cases as with full-arch implant supported cases, it is important that all items are discussed and planned out ahead of time for a predictable outcome. Please call us to discuss your full arch applications, materials, implant selection, and surgery guide options with our highly qualified technicians!

Full arch surgical guide - Conversion PMMA and back up healing denture
Zirc Arch
Full Arch

Full-Arch Zirconia

The Solid Zirconia Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis combines the function and stability of a fixed denture with the strength and esthetics of monolithic zirconia. Constructed from 100% Solid Zirconia, this full-arch prosthesis attaches to implants via titanium connections and is hand-layered with esthetic gingival and tooth colored GC porcelains. Strong, hygienic and affordably priced, this fully edentulous restoration offers true teeth replacement options and exceptional resistance to the chips, fractures and stains that can compromise acrylic dentures.

Custom Abutment (Fixed)

Custom implant abutments are available in Zirconia hybrids and Titanium.  Using the latest in CAD/CAM milling technology we will use your implant level impression precisely mill and natural emergence while ensuring appropriate height, ideal soft tissue placement, angulation, and crown esthetics.

Implant Overdentures

Full Arch Tissue Supported denture - No Bar with two locator attachments.

Locator Bar Overdentures

Full Arch Implant Supported Bar denture with 4 Tapped Locator Attachments on Bar.