Our All Ceramic and Zirconia (metal free) restorations are an affordable and durable alternative to PFMs. Every restoration is individually handcrafted or processed using CAD/CAM milling technologies.

ProZirconia LT (Brux) & ProZirconia HT

We are proud to offer both our ProZirconia Low-Translucency (LT) and High-Translucency (HT) restorations to our clients. Also known as a “BruxZir ®”, our clients find this as their go-to material of choice as it is versatile in strength and esthetics for creating crowns, bridges, screw-retained implant crowns, all with no porcelain overlay. Our HT products include Imagine zirconia and CubeX2.



Our Porcelain Fused to Zirconia (PFZ) offer our doctors full contour restorations when esthetics are critical.  These restorations are fabricated using a milled zirconia substructure with high quality ceramics that are hand-layered. This creates restorations that are indistinguishable from natural teeth.  PFZ restorations can be used for anterior and posterior crowns, crowns over implants, and bridges of up to fourteen units.


Emax CAD

Emax CAD – our Emax (lithium disilicate glass-ceramic) products demonstrates higher strength compared to other glass- and hybrid ceramics. We are pleased to offer same day* services for Emax CAD.    Send us your case in by 10:00 am and it’s back in your office by 4:00 pm.  *For our doctors located in the Rapid City, SD area.

Emax CAD (Layered)

We are also pleased to offer our clients additional esthetics with our Emax CAD Layered, which is an Emax substruction with hand-layered GC porcelains.